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– is a community that is built on time, enduring, striving to achieve a goal, big money, building companies with Millionth Turns! The Cartel is the fastest growing community of profitable traders.


We represent for you the Self-developing society of successful traders who, from a beginner during their hard work, will become top traders with their companies! Our goal is to bring 13 people to a trading balance of $ 1 million and more! But before you reach this goal, you will need to go through 5 cycles, each of which will raise your level and prepare for large peaks!



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  • 1. START​
  • 2. BEGINER
  • 3. MENTOR
  • 4. GOLD
  • 5. IRON

All the funds you keep on their exchange accounts! The Cartel team will never pay access to your account!
All conditions are listed in brief form, at each level you will be notified of all the details.

Before you start working with the club, you will need to fill out a form, after which our team will contact you and tell all the details.

Our system is aimed at creating an expanded club of professional traders!
Starting from the first level of "Start" you are completely free to join our club, where you start to learn and make a profit! Only when you make a profit and go to the next level,  you need to pay for entrance. Remember that at each new level you will find more and more opportunities!

Good luck and welcome!

======Admission is free!======

A trader is accepted with a minimum Deposit on your account $ 10,000! All data will be verified by our moderators.

Starting in this position, a trader needs to make a 15% profit to go to the next level!
At this level, YOU open access to the section in which traders with the same conditions will be composed. Your task, communication with them and find the most experienced and promising, these acquaintances will help you on the next levels! Remember, we are all partners, you have no competitors in this field!

======Admission 100$======

At this level, you will see a section where you will be in the community of those who have been selected. You will get additional functionality of this level, in your community there will be traders with the highest experience and great success, with whom you will consult, make decisions, work in partnership.

Your task is to make a profit volume of 50% disregarding the previous 15!

This is one of the most important levels! Having passed it you will get much more opportunities than the others have!

For an instant transition to this level, your trading deposit should be $ 20,000 and entry will cost $ 500.

======Admission 300$======

Going to this level in addition to the previous advantages, you find yourself in a closed channel, which includes a limited number of participants, with whom you will move up together!

To go to the next level you need to make a profit of 100% without considering the previous interest!
The peculiarity of this level is that even if you reach 100% of profit, you will not be able to go further until you help, at least two participants from the previous level reach the goal for moving to a higher level!

For each of the past with your help, you will receive $ 100 reward from the Cartel.

For an instant transition to this level, your trading deposit should be $ 50,000 and entry will cost $ 1000.

======Admission 1000$======

For the transition to this Level, you get a set of gold coins, and a GOLD Card of the CARTEL Club, which will give you the right to visit the club’s free educational events with top speakers!
Get instructions from professionals, about creating a personal brand, purchasing real estate with the club, and participating in the club's business!
Visit the quarterly meetings of the Club in Dubai where you can meet the club members personally!

To move to the next level, you need to get 200% of the profits from your deposit and attract investments in your deposit in the amount of $ 20,000.

People from the Highest Level will help you with the documents and design of this process.

======Admission 2000$======

Going to this level you become a full member of the club CARTEL
All opportunities of our club open for you!
You get a VIP Club Card, familiarity with celebrities, and with a top trader, from Wall Street with a turnover of  $ 100 million and a personal Hedge Fund

To move to the next level, you will need to make 300% Profits and open a business with club members!

20% of the shares of the company CARTEL, Board Membership!

Fill the Form for START
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